About me

Former WBFF Pro turned IFBB Figure Athlete.  Owner of CVL Fitness, Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, Lifestyle Coach, Public Speaker, Founder of NPO Supreme Athletes, Anti -bully Campaign and mother of 2 children.


CVL Fitness

Fitness is apart of me. It runs through my veins. I eat, sleep and breath it. I was destined to help people achieve their goals whether physically, emotionally or mentally. God had put me on this journey for that very specific reason.  But in 2004 at the age of 24 I decided to ho ahead and make my passion my career. That’s where the CVL seed were planted and started to grow. 


Miss Indo Western

Miss IndoWestern was born in 2019 after travelling to India for a couple of years. I got so inspired by their culture, the beautiful materials, the different styles and amazing hand printed art. So I decided to mix up the Eastern and Western styles. We import the materials from India 🇮🇳 and then its made locally in South Africa. 


Supreme Athletes

Supreme Athletes was established in 2015. After completing professionally as a fitness athlete and been through the financial struggles of making your dreams a reality. With South Africa being in the situation they are where no funding is available for athletes, we need all the help we can get to help athletes reach their goals and dreams.


It's kool to be kind

This is an organisation very close to my heart that was started in 2018. I was bullied as a kid in high school and having kids of my own I can see the impact it has on out children today. The society we live in with social media does not make it any easier and i decided to start this organisation to raise awareness. 


How I started

Born on Aug 9 1979 in South Africa I knew from a young age that I would one day have something to do with the Health and Welness Industry.
I was always very active as a child, doing all sorts of sports in school and out.
Being blessed naturally with athletic genes was a blessing in a sense when it came to my sports, but due to my athletic built I was bullied
about my look. Back then it wasnt as common for female to have an athletic look as it is today.  After graduating high school in 1997 I
decided to go to the US for 13 months and it was there where I was introduced to weight training.  Falling in love with it
straight away I decided that I want to become a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist and help people achieve their goals when it comes to
weight loss.  In the year 2000 I booked myself a ticket to travel to the UK as the travel bug bit me and I was not yet ready to return home
to South Africa.  What was supposed to be only 2 years turned into 4 years, becuase I got the opportunity to work part time as a Personal
Trainer while I furthered my studies in Exersise science, Sports Coaching, Personal Training and Nutrition. Fast Forward to 2004 I relocated
back to South Africa and then added to my CV.a couple of extra fitness courses.
That same year I was introduced to the world of Bodybuilding. Because I have already had a couple of years weight training experience this
sport came very naturally to me and being a qualified nutrition played in my favour.  In the mean time I settled down, got married and had
two children. Alexa my daughter was born in 2006 and James my son was born 2009. It was 10 weeks after I gave birth to my son that I entered
my 1st competition and placed 3rd. That was where my love for the sport started. I went on to compete for 10 years. Achieved many titles and
along the way while learning everything I could about it from the best mentors in the business. After competing in several fedirations I had
one goal in mind and that was to earn my Pro Card. That goal was achieved in 2016.
Currently I am no longer competing, but I am still very involved behind the scenes judging, prepping athletes, and running my Personal Training
Besides being involved in the health and fitness industry I have also branched out into giving back to others.
I currently run a Non Profit Organisation ‘Supreme Athletes’ and Community Organisation ‘its kool to be kind’.
I also love to keep myself creative wiht my two clothing lines ‘CVL-active’ and ‘Miss Indo-Western’.
In a nutshell CVL Fitness is all about Health and Wellness. Everything healthy and active.  I love to work with people and help them to achieve their
goals no matter what their desire.

Sports & Science coach
Contest Prep Coach
Online Coach
Personal Trainer
Spinning Instructor
Aqua (water erobics) coach
Body Conditioning
Pre and Post Natal Training

2009 – 3rd place Figure Division WPF
2010 – 4th place Fitness division
2011 – 3rd place Fitness BodyBeautiful
2013 – 1st place Figure Division Gauteng Regionals WFF
       1st place Figure division South African Championships WFF
       3rd place Word Championships Greece WFF
2014 – 3rd place fitness open category WBFF South African Championships
2015 – 1st place |Fitness 35+ South African Championships
       3rd place Fitness Open category WBFF South African Championships
2016 – 3rd place Figure Gauteng Regionals WFF
       2nd place Figure South African Championships
       5th place World Championships WFF
       2nd place Figure Open Category WBFF South African Championships
2018 – 1st place Figure division IFBB Pro League India
2019 – 3rd place Figure division IFBB Pro League India