Chantal Van Loggenberg

Today’s preparation 

   is Tomorrow’s achievement 

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Personal Trainer
Group Trainer
Fit kids
Lifestyle coach
Stage posing (fitness competitions)
weight loss challenges
meal plans


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My Story

A Woman who wears many hats . This perfectly describes the multi talented, passionate & hard working woman Chanatal Van Loggenberg. As a wife and mother of two Chantal has made a name for herself as an athlete, competing locally and internationally for 10 years as well as earning her WBFF PRO card. Chantal also runs her CVL Fitness business which she started in 2002. Her main focus is to help educate people on nutrition, whether you are over weight, under weight or simply get anxiety when it comes to food. She is here to help you find your happy place. Weight plays such a huge role in our lives. Everybody wants to look and feel better and everyone should strive to become healthier.

Chantal has travelled far and beyond doing her public speaking, judging bodybuilding competitions, representing her International sponsors, encouraging woman to take care of themselves and teach them and their families how to live a healthy lifestyle. Chantal really connects with people because she can share her own struggles, truths and self doubt. In a world where social media is our everyday “thing”, filters change you at the click of a button it is important to know we live in a fake world. She wants to emphasise that all woman are beautiful and the standard we see on social media is distorted.

In 2018 she started with her own gym equipment accessories which at first was only available in India, but very soon will be available online. Being inspired by all the different places she travelled to she also started her own clothing brand Indigo Girl.

Chantal believes that her passion for health and fitness definitely led her to her purpose – helping people not only physically,  but helping them mentally make that change to a healthier,  fitter and happier life.