Chantal Van Loggenberg

Former WBFF Pro turned IFBB Figure Athlete.  Owner of CVL Fitness, Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, Lifestyle Coach, Public Speaker, Founder of NPO Supreme Athletes, Anti -bully Campaign and mother of 2 children.

My story is slightly different.  I was never overweight, but my transformation to becoming a figure athlete took me a couple. 

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My Story

Being athletic as a child and naturally muscular I was bullied for the way I looked. Back then when I was in high school being skinny was in and woman didn’t really train. Fast forward a couple years in 2008 I decided to use my athletic physique to my advantage and enter my very first bodybuilding competition.  It did take me 10 years to transform my body and build quality good muscle to enter the figure and physique divisions. I am internationally sponsored by Estrellas Nutrition, Jerai Fitness & Alivez Gyms and brand ambassador for Shrink Toning Lotion & Genitec Pharm.

My personal journey and experiences have inspired me to help others achieve their personal goal whether it is losing weight, just maintain or adding on muscle.

During this journey I had two children and not for one second did this stop me from achieving my goals.  Having done my Pre- and Post-natal training helped me stay on track while being pregnant.

Besides running my fitness business, I also have a Non-Profit Organization Supreme Athletes as well as a Community Organization Anti-Bully Campaign. If you like to get involved with these organizations you can email me at